Umpire clothing

Photo: orkneysports

Wear light, neutral colours

It helps for netball umpires to wear a neutral colour so you can avoid looking like or being associated with a team that you are umpiring. White is a popular choice because it doesn’t absorb the heat as much as a dark colour so you don’t get too hot when outside under the sun, plus it helps you to stand out. However, if you are both a player and an umpire then you can use or to help identify yourself.

Wear running shoes

In terms of footwear, it is recommended that umpires wear running shoes instead of netball shoes (read our blog Choosing the right shoe for netball to learn the difference between runners and netball shoes).

Come prepared

As a netball umpire, you have to remember to come prepared!  Here’s a list of what to take to each game…

  • Drink bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Strapping tape (just incase!)
  • Rule book - good to refer to in the lead up to, or in between, games.
  • Whistle(s) – a finger whistle or a whistle on a necklace
  • Pencil(s) and pencil sharpener
  • Score sheets/cards and clip board (or uScore Netball on your iPhone)
  • Stopwatch/Timer - at the end of the match turn your battery around to preserve the energy, this also stops it being turned on by accident.
  • Spare stopwatch/timer battery
  • Nail clippers and nail file
  • Hair bands and clips
  • Wet weather protection

With all of this to pack each time, so you don’t forget to take something with you to a game, buy yourself a duffel bag to hold your umpiring kit.