Junior netball team

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If you are from Australia then the Winter netball season usually starts at end of March and finishes at the end of August.

To register with a netball club, contact them at the beginning of January to find out the day and details for registration. If you are unsure of who your local netball association is, then speak to your local council for confirmation. When contacting your local netball club, make sure you request the following information:

(note, in some cases there may be a registration pack available)

  • date of registration and method of payment (i.e. cash only)
  • registration form
  • medical consent form
  • grading dates and
  • the official competition start date

You might also like to enquire about uniforms because some clubs will offer the chance for you to buy "trade ins" on a first in, first served basis. Uniforms are often available to purchase on registration day. In terms of what your child will be required to wear, this will depend on the club but as a rough guide, U10 players and older usually wear bodysuits while Netta players (U7 to U9) are usually only required to wear a netball club polo shirt and matching skirt. Once you have all of the information, schedule a reminder for the registration day. This is very important and remember to take an original birth certificate along with you. Please note, if transferring from another association, then please come prepared with their child’s Netball NSW registration number.

Netball registration costs

Here is a brief summary of the different types of netball for the different ages and the approximate costs for registering your child for a season.

 Type of Netball
Age Group
Cost (Approx. $AUD)
Fun-Net* 5-7 years $65
Netta* 8-9 years $145
Junior 10-17 years $165
Seniors 18+ years $180
State League N/A $205
Non-player (eg. umpire) N/A $37

What is included in the netball club registration fees ?

Typically this will cover things like:

  • netball player insurance
  • club administration fees
  • umpiring fees
  • presentation ceremony venue hire and engraved player trophies

What is Fun-Net?

It is a chance for children from the age of 5 to join a netball club and start learning the basic skills of netball. The season is shorter than the typical netball season, games are often held mid morning and on grass courts. Fun-Net sessions last 1 hour and the children are not required to wear specific club uniform. All that your child will need to wear is a basic sports shirt, shorts or skirt and sports shoes.

Fun-Net is a "see if your child likes playing netball" trial period.

What is Netta Netball?

Between the ages of 8 or 9, your child can play Netta, a non-competitive, modified version of netball on a grass court. Players swap positions during the breaks to give each player the opportunity to try a bit of everything! A session of Netta lasts for a total of 40 minutes and is broken into four 10minute quarters with short breaks between play.

Uniforms for children playing Netta (U8 and U9) usually consist of a netball club polo shirt (which can be ordered on registration day), a pleated wrap around skirt (purchased from a local sports wear store) and sport shoes. Similar to Fun-Net, Netta also an opportunity to a “see if your child likes playing netball” trial period.

What is the main difference between Netta and Junior?

As a Junior, your child will start to play on a hardcourt surface and be subjected to the full rules of a netball game.

What shoes are suitable for hardcourt surface?

Proper Netball shoes are recommended for hardcourt games. Please refer to this article for more information.

What to expect next once your child is registered?

The team’s coach will contact each member of the team to inform you of the weekly training session day/time. The location for training is to be held at the association's netball courts. Note, training sessions typically last for 1-1.5 hours.

Competition games will be held on a Saturday and at the association's netball courts. Game time slots can vary each year, depending on the number of teams per age group and availability of umpires. As a guide, some associations will have the morning mapped out as follows:

  • 9am: Grass court Netta U8, Hard court U10s and U11s
  • 10.30am : Grass Court Fun-Net/Netta U9, Hard court U12s and U13s
  • 12.00pm : U14s, Cadet 1s, Cadet 3s
  • 1.30pm : Cadet 2s, Division 2, Division 4
  • 3.00pm : Division 1, Division 3, Division 5

We hope you have a great season of netball!