Interview by Ten Sport

The truth about Catherine Cox’s departure from the NSW Swifts.

Star veteran, Catherine Cox left the netball community stunned following her shock announcement she was leaving the NSW Swifts for the West Coast Fever for the 2012 season. This is a transcribe of Channel Ten’s interview between Catherine Cox and Ten Sport commentator Sue Gaudion.

Sue: Let’s start off straight away, obviously you’re probably sick of talking about it but what I want to know is, when you were told by the Swifts that it was all over?

Cath: Your right, I am sick of talking about it but factually it is the reason that I’m in Perth at the moment. It was a couple of days before I left for the World Championships, a phone call from the head coach of the Swifts just said I was no longer wanted.

Sue: How were you told?

Cath: I rang the coach to have a chat about the next season and what was the plan and she didn’t sound overly enthusiastic about what was happening and discussion we were having so I thought I better ask the if I was required and she said, to be honest with you, no.

Sue: So tell me, Australian Diamonds vice-captain, a recent Swifts player of the year – did you think you were worthy of the position?

Cath: That’s a hard one, I don’t want to blow sunshine up my own butt, but surely I am worth a 4th shooter in a team so that was hard to take definitely.

Sue: For you, what was the hardest thing to take about this decision that was made about your career?

Cath: There are a lot of things, I mean it’s not just about me, its about teammates, its about sponsors, its about fans and the fans was the biggest thing. I didn’t want the Swifts fans who are some of the greatest fans in the country to think that I had just up and left them.

Sue: Do you think they thought that?

Cath: I do think they thought that but one minute I am in the team, the next minute I’m not so it’s great to have this opportunity just to let them know it’s not what happened. But yes, I have moved to the west and I’m enjoying being over here.

Sue: Why West Coast Fever?

Cath: Obviously Norma is here and [she has] had a big influence on my career, I’ve had her in the Diamonds for the last 7 years. I’ve been to Perth before, I love the place.

It was a new opportunity and a chance to get out of my little comfort zone, new position, new young teammates and a new environment.

Sue: How’s goal attack goin’ for ya?

Cath: [Laughs] It’s a lot more running that’s for sure, you know what, I am actually enjoying it. When I first heard that I’d be playing goal attack I was panicky. At this stage of my career I didn’t know my body would hold up with the extra fitness that it had to do but I’m really enjoying it, its a challenge as I said, and I’m not too difficult at this stage but I’m sure it will get there.

Sue: Fever have had their first win of the season and a pretty throughout at that but from your opinion, your now the new captain of the team and you lead by example without a doubt. What do Fever need to do to change their fate?

Cath: I think just remember how tough it is all the time. I think Fever have had the standard in the past but they haven’t kept the standard up where it needs to be the whole time. And coming from a club that was very much like that and also obviously the Diamonds behave that way, its just about behaviours. Making sure every time we step on the training court or the court we train at a certain standard and we play to a certain standard and we have to keep it there.

A huge thanks goes to Cath for being so open and honest in this interview, this means a great deal to your fans. Thanks also goes to both Sue Gaudion and Ten Sport for this opportunity to hear this from one of the most admired and respected players in netball. You can see the video of Sue Gaudion’s interview with Catherine Cox here.