Properly caring for your netball is important for the ball to perform well when playing as well as ensure its longevity. Here’s 4 simple tips that will help you get the most out of your netball.

1. Ensure appropriate use of the netball

You should never sit, stand on or kick your netball as this can cause the ball to become warped or mis-shaped as a result of over-stress.

2. Inflate your netball correctly

When inflating your ball, use a proper ball or hand pump fitted with an inflation needle.

Before inserting the inflation needle into the ball, apply specifically designed valve products either silicone or glycerin sprays or if you don’t have either of those, a few drops of dish washing liquid as lubricant to the needle. This will aid insertion and prolong the life of the valve.

Check the pressure at regular intervals as you inflate and ensure that the ball is inflated no more than 9.5 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Remember, most netballs lose pressure over time no matter how well they’re cared for so check the pressure of your netball each time before you intend to use it.

3. Keep your netball clean

Clean your ball after use, wipe away any dirt or grass with a damp cloth then wipe it dry. Cleaning should be carried out using warm water, a light detergent and a soft cloth. Don’t use detergents that contain bleach as this can damage the material of the outer covering.

If the ball gets wet during play, it should be dried in an airy place and not force dried with heat as this may damage the ball.

4. Store your netball correctly

Store the netball in a dry place where there is ventilation. Moving air or drafts can be beneficial as they help to remove any remaining moisture. Avoid storing the netball in direct heat, for example in the sun as this can result in shrinkage and cracking of the ball surface.