Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Within the ANZ Championship, teams are presently allowed to include one import player at their discretion. Ten teams participate in the championship therefore to be one of a possible ten is great recognition for the player’s talent and potential. One such player is Melbourne Vixen’s Geva Mentor who is originally from Bournemouth, England.

Geva first made the decision to play for Australasian ANZ Championship back in 2008 when she came to join the Adelaide Thunderbirds. We since asked Geva to share with us what is was like to make such a big decision.

What made you decide to leave home and play for an international team?

Geva: It was all in the timing, I guess I’ve always wanted to play in NZ or AUS for extra experience, but the timing was never right with studies or personal things until the offer came from JWT from the Thunderbirds who were putting together a team for the inaugural year of the ANZ Champs in 2008. It all made sense and seemed the right decision to make after lots of talks with my Guru, my mum!

What attracted you to the ANZ Championship?

Geva: As mentioned earlier the desire to want to play in the southern hemisphere, but also learning of who would be in the team playing alongside admired netballers such as Mo’onia Gerrard and the new exciting set up moving netball into the semi-professional realm. On a personal level the opportunities of being able to relocate and the challenge of creating a new life in a different culture.

What are the benefits of being an international representative?

Geva: I guess it’s an honour to be an import in a team, as you are only allowed one and to be chosen, shows the faith the team and coaching staff have in your abilities. For me it’s being able to bring awareness of different styles and cultural diversities to my team, they learn from me and vice versa.

What advice do you have for others that are considering the move overseas to play international netball?

Geva: Whether it’s Trans-Tasman players to England or other international players to the ANZ Champs then my advice would be if the opportunity arises it’s a must do if you want to build on your skills, game intensity and be apart of the best domestic competition netball has to offer. Make sure you are organise and have things in place and sorted before you depart then embrace every experience that’ll come your way.