Now is the perfect time—if you haven’t already done so—to contact your local netball club and confirm dates for netball registration day. At the same time, be sure to look up the dates for your club’s pre-season training sessions, rep selection and state championships as well.

Contacting your local netball club 

When contacting your local netball club, you should request the following:

  • registration date(s)
  • accepted payment methods
  • registration form(s)
  • medical consent form(s)
  • grading date(s)
  • official competition start date

New uniforms are usually available for purchase on registration days. Alternatively, clubs often sell 2nd hand or trade-in uniforms on a first come, first served basis.

Netball registration forms

When completing a registration form, the four main member types and corresponding ages groups are as follows:

  • NetSetGo - 5yrs to 7yrs
  • Netta - 8yrs to 10yrs
  • Junior - 11yrs to 17yrs
  • Senior - 18yrs & over

NB: The above age groups represent the age you or your child turn in 2013.

Don’t miss out! Get organised now for a new season of netball this year.