Netball is a ball game played between two teams, each with 7 players. It can be played outdoor on a grasscourt or hardcourt surface (depending on your grade), or indoors. Each player is assigned a defence or attack position on court.

The court is divided into 3 thirds and each position has certain space limitations.

To score during a game, players must pass the ball between their team mates until they get down to their goal end. Each pass or shot must take no longer than 3 seconds otherwise possession of the ball will be handed over to the opposition.

Goals are shot through a hoop (without a backboard), which is mounted on a 3.05m high post. The team that wins, achieves the most number of goals at full time. If there is a draw, depending on the competition level (i.e. state) teams will be granted extra time to decide a winner.

A typical game of netball has 4 x 15 minute quarters.  The first and third end of quarter breaks are 3 minutes while the half time break lasts 5 minutes. The teams swap goal ends after each quarter. There can be up to 5 reserves within a team and there is no limit to number of substitutes as long as they are among the players list for that particular game.

To get involved in the sport as either a player, coach or umpire contact your local council for details of your local netball club then phone them to check how and when to register.

NB: Players can sign up as individuals, you don’t need to part of a preexisting team.  Once graded you will be assigned a team to join.  It is a great way to have fun, get out and about, and meet new people!