Photo: Rae Slater

Here are 3 great netball drills and training exercises you can try at home. These will help you improve your passing, agility and endurance.

1. Improve your passing

With chalk, mark a spot on an outside wall and throw the netball, as hard as you can against the wall and try to catch it. Repeat this at different distances away from the wall.

As accuracy improves, try throwing lobs and bounce passes against the wall aimed at the same spot. Be sure to practice all wall passes with your non-dominant hand as well to help build up your strength equally across your upper body.

2. Improve your agility

  1. Place markers on the ground (i.e. items from the house or witches hats) and run between; when doing this practice changing directions as if you were dodging players on the court.
  2. If you have enough room in your yard, practice your sprints between a distance of approx. 10-20 metres (30-65 feet), time yourself to do a set (run to the marker and back) and see if you can reduce your time.
  3. Regularly practice your vertical leap by jumping up along side a wall and aiming to tap a mark on the wall. See if you can get it higher each week.

3. Improve your endurance

Go for a walk, a jog, a bike ride or a swim 2-3 times per week. Regular cardio exercises like these will help boost your on-court stamina and endurance.