Netball can demand a lot of its players. Here’s our take on the top key attributes—both physical and mental—you’ll need to play your best netball.

Physical attributes

  • SPEED – to dash across the court, catch and pass the netball and defend your opponent.
  • STRENGTH – to apply great force when accelerating, jumping, or throwing the netball.
  • AGILITY – to rapidly change your position with precise control to dodge your opponents.
  • BALANCE – to maintain your centre of gravity when stationary,  or moving around the netball court.
  • FLEXIBILITY – to twist and turn your body through a full range of movement to catch, pass and defend.
  • ATHLETICISM – to maintain peak performance throughout a match without tiring.
  • COORDINATION – using two or more body parts in sync to control the ball or move around the court.
  • QUICK REFLEXES – so you can react to various events on the netball court quicker than the other players.

Mental attributes

  • CONFIDENCE – to maintain positivity and belief that you can do what you trained to do. For example, shoot a goal, throw a pass or meet a challenge (e.g. intercept). Maintaining confidence is the ability to stay in control.

  • POSITIVITY – to maintain optimism for achieving desirable results. Your feeling or mood (whether it be positive or negative) can impact your own performance, as well as your team’s.

  • TACTICAL DECISION MAKING – to assess and react to the various situations that arise during game play.
  • SUSTAINED CONCENTRATION – to maintain focus and resist distraction to achieve an outcome.
  • DISCIPLINE – being aware of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. To conduct yourself appropriately on and off the court.
  • MENTAL TOUGHNESS – dealing with strong emotions during the game. Using excitement, anger, and disappointment to improve, rather than interfere with your performance.
  • PERSISTENCE – maintaining performance during a game despite difficulty. This may come from emotional and physical pressure, opposition or setbacks during a match.