If you play netball, or used to in the past, you’re mindful of the benefits playing the sport brings. Your child, unless introduced to netball, may not be aware of what they’re missing out on unless you show them.

Between 6 to 10 years of age, children’s vision, ability to hold attention, and physical skills have improved a lot. This is the perfect time to introduce your kids to netball.

Take your child to a live match, or go down to the local netball courts on the weekend. Cheer, show encouragement, and have fun being a spectator. After the game, talk about the match with your child. Watch for signs of enthusiasm from them – did they like the experience?

If your child enjoyed the experience, spend some time with them to teach game skills such passing and throwing. Do they like to throw and catch the ball? Do they have good hand/eye coordination?

I remember when my mum asked me if I wanted to try netball. I was in year 5 at school, so a little older than most who start playing netball for the first time. I was also a shy kid, so my mum’s main motivation was to help me make friends outside school.

I hadn’t considered netball before and found myself a little bit hesitant. A gentle nudge from mum helped me to overcome my shyness and experience a great team sport that I love and still play today. Had I not liked netball, I still would have come away from the experience with new friends.

Every child is different and will have different interests, but it’s easy to at give netball a try. Your child may love netball or they may hate it. Either way, they will have had the opportunity to make new friends and you will have spent quality time together.