Your local netball club

Children turning 8 between 1 January and 31 December are eligible to play netball at your local netball club. Ages 8 and 9 play a modified game of netball, which is called Netta.


If you have some active 5-7 year olds (who are not yet old enough to be enrolled at your local club) then an accredited ANZ NetSetGO programme might be just what everybody needs! The Net-Set-Go! programme is the very first opportunity players can be involved with the sport; the programme enables participants to develop basic motor skills and to practice these during fun and safe activities.

Professional players

Here’s a look at the age some professional players were when they made their netball debut:

  • Laura Geitz (Queensland Firebirds) – 13
  • Natalie Medhurst (West Coast Fever) – 11
  • Caitlin Bassett (West Coast Fever) – 11
  • Renae Hallinan (Adelaide Thunderbirds) – 9
  • Emily Beaton (Adelaide Thunderbirds) – 8
  • Erin Bell (Adelaide Thunderbirds) – 8
  • Kimberlee Green (NSW Swifts) – 8
  • Susan Pratley (NSW Swifts) – 8
  • Caitlin Thwaites (NSW Swifts) – 8
  • Ashleigh Brazill (West Coast Fever) – 8
  • Sharni Layton (NSW Swifts) – 6

For more information on the NetSetGO programme, see parent FAQs and you can find your nearest NetSetGO centre here.