netball off season

It's important to maintain your physical activity during the netball off-season. Keeping fit will best-prepare you for the netball season when it arrives. Here's some of our favourite exercises you can try. Summer is a great time to be active, though you can try most of these at any time of year.

Social netball

It's fun and you can play with friends; great motivation! If you play often, you will strengthen muscle and improve your fitness.


Either solo, with friends, or as a group. Walking is great for mobility, cardiovascular health and strength of bone in your lower body.


This activity requires specialised instruction to perform the moves. Pilates will improve your flexibility and increase your muscle strength, tone and control. The stabilisation of your spine and posture will increase also. Pilates will prevent injuries related to muscle imbalance.


An intense cardiovascular workout that builds strength in your legs and controls your weight. Running also increases circulation and improves heart health. If you have joint problems, you should avoid running, or see your doctor first.


Perfect for all ages and all types, a low impact sport. Swimming is exercise for the entire body, particularly your back, chest and arms.


Another type cardiovascular workout. Cycling helps you build endurance and lower-body strength.

Weight training

Strengthens bones, builds muscle and, improves stamina and mobility. Seek expert supervision to ensure you are doing it the right way to avoid injury.