Quick Questions & Answers for Netball Newbies

Photo: Nate

What is netball?

Netball is a ball game played between two teams, each with 7 players. It is played outdoor on a grasscourt or hardcourt surface or indoors. Each player assumes a defence or attack position on court.

For more details, see What is netball?

When do I register for a new season of netball?

Australians usually register late January or early February for a new season of netball.  Check your local club website for up to date details. For some tips, see Parents: How and When to Register Your Child for Netball.

What age group do I register for?

Age groups represent the age you or your child will turn that year.

How long are netball games?

Netta games last for 40 minutes. They're split into 10 minute quarters with short breaks between play. For ages 10+ a game of netball lasts for an hour and games are split into 15 minute quarters. There are 3 minute breaks at quarter and 3-quarter time and a 5 minute break at half time. Long enough to enjoy some orange slices for an energy boost.

Who works out the position I play?

This will be at the coach's discretion. The coach's experience and knowledge of the game helps them see your strengths objectively. A Netta coach will swap players' positions so everyone has an opportunity to try out each position. For ages 10+ the coach will decide each player's position(s). The coach will base this on each player's skill and ability to work with others during training and in competition.

What about injuries?

If you or your child suffer an injury, see the sports medicine person on site. All injuries must be reported in the Injury Book or you will not be able to claim insurance. Report your injury promptly as time limits apply to making a claim. Claim forms are available at each club.

I have not played netball before. What are the rules?

We suggest getting to know these 6 rules for when you first start. The rest you will learn along the way, at training and during competition.