We know how important regular shooting practice is for your game performance so if the trip down to the local courts is too far, here are 3 easy options that can be done at home depending on the size of your backyard:

  1. install a netball ring on an external wall
  2. purchase a free standing portable netball goal post with ring, or
  3. install a netball goal post in the ground

For all of the above, please seek permission from parents/guardians first.

Option 1: Netball ring on an external wall

If you would prefer to secure the ring to an external wall, we recommend purchasing an extended ring.

The long reach of the arm holds the ring well away from the wall. This is good for netball practice since it stops the wall being used as a backboard, which prevents basketball style shots.

Gilbert Spectra Netball Stand

Option 2: Free standing portable netball goal post with ring

Purchase a free standing portable post with ring - this product allows you to instantly and easily assemble and with the help of wheels in the base, position the post anywhere in the backyard.

Removable Netball Ring, Post & Ground Sleeve

Option 3: Netball goal post in the ground

Alternatively, if you prefer to install a netball post into the ground for greater stability, below is a guide to the correct game measurements.

Netball Stand

  • Height: 3.05metres (or 2.4metres for modified netball for young players under 8 years old)
  • Diameter: Standard 65mm
  • A wooden post can be purchased from your local hardware store.  NB: since you are putting the post into the ground you will need extra length (approx.610mm) so part of it can sit below ground to help provide stability.

Netball Ring

  • Internal Diameter: 380mm with a 15mm steel rod
  • A hoop can be purchased from your local sports store and attached to the post. Remember to attach the ring to the end of the goal post first before it is elevated and positioned in the ground.

Goal Circle

  • Radius: 4.9metres out from the goal post

Which option will you choose?

In a high pressure game of netball, it is easy to over-think the shot and miss. Frequent netball shooting practice makes it easier to score because your body reacts instinctively, silencing your consciousness. The more comfortable you are in the shot, the more confident you are making it count.

Once your equipment is set up, to help you make a habit of training regularly, you can download and use our FREE daily tracker.