Practice Netball Drills for Shooting

Frequently practicing shooting netball drills makes it easier to score goals for your team and to cope with high pressure situations during a game. An ideal routine could involve practice:

  • 30mins before netball training
  • 30mins at home every other weekday
  • 20-30mins on game day

Regularly shooting will help you focus on what you need to do and help you to feel settled in your shot. To help you make a habit of training regularly, we have designed a daily tracker sheet for you to download and print.

Download daily tracker sheet

When you start something like this tell your parents, your coach, us if you like (tweet @uScoreNetball) as we can all support you, to help you stay motivated!  If you internalise the commitment then it is easier to have relapses in routine.

Drills to practice

If you have never shot a netball before, we suggest you watch this helpful video and practicing the basic shot technique regularly.

Once you have mastered the basic shot technique, change your shooting drill to include a variety of different distances as seen in this video so you can practice shooting from anywhere within the shooting circle. Remember to change placement of cones in the circle, position them randomly within the circle and or along the base line to help stimulate the predictable play of a real game.

And finally, if you have the ability to shoot well from various positions within the circle try perfecting your balance with the backward and side shooting positions.  This will help you to overcome taller opposition defence players.

Well what are you waiting for? Let's get started with the motivation tracker!