Netball training sessions for junior netball players are usually an hour long. Approximately 20-25 minutes of this time should be used for teaching skill development.

Here's a comprehensive list of skill development drills to assist beginners, by helping to improve:

  • Passing
  • Stable body positioning
  • Catching
  • Footwork
  • Dodging
  • Pivoting
  • Forward movement

    Netball drills to improve passing:

    1) Cut the Cake

      • Select a player to stand in the middle and have the rest of team form a circle around them
      • The player in the centre starts with the ball and passes to another player on the edge of the circle (the first receiver)
      • The first receiver then passes the ball back to the player in the centre
      • The player in the centre then passes to the person to the left of the first receiver
      • Repeat this process until everyone in the circle has received the ball
      • The the person in the centre then swaps positions with the first receiver
      • Each rotation around the circle needs to be a different style of pass (eg. shoulder pass, then chest pass etc)

      Equipment you will need for Cut the Cake:

      2) COBS

      • Create 2 equal lines (try to pair players with similar height)
      • Each player is to stand opposite and facing each other, approximately 3 metres apart
      • Each pair is to pass each other the ball (e.g. chest pass)
      • Pass 4 times so each person in the pair catches the ball twice
      • Then take a step back and repeat with 4 new passes (1 x chest, 2 x overhead, 3 x bounce, 4 x shoulder)

        Equipment you will need for COBS:

        3) Captain Ball

        • Divide the group into 2 even teams
        • Have both teams stand beside each other with a wide gap between them
        • Each team is to be in a straight line with the captain for each team standing 2 metres away from the first person at the front of the line
        • The captain throws the ball to the first player in the line, who then throws the ball back and sits down
        • Captain continues to throw the ball to each player
        • Last player to catch the ball must keep it and run to the captain, to replace them in their spot
        • The previous captain goes to the front of the line and is ready to catch the first pass
        • New captain now repeats the throwing of the ball to each player
        • The first team to have every player be the captain wins the game!

        Equipment you will need for Captain Ball:

        Stable body positioning, passing and catching netball drills:

        4) Banana Peel

        • Split players into 2 even teams and have the players face each other
        • Give the ball to one person at the end
        • The ball is to be passed to the opposite person
        • As soon as the ball leaves the player's hands, that player is to turn and run around the line of people to rejoin the back of the line
        • Race to the opposite goal line

        Equipment you will need for Banana Peel:

        5) Order Ball

        • Divide the group into 2 teams - one is attack and the other is defence
        • Using a court third, players need to spread out
        • Attack starts with the ball - players can not return the pass back to the one they received it from
        • Defence team is trying to intercept the ball
        • Aim is to pass as many times as possible within a minute or pass to everyone as fast as possible

        Equipment you will need for Order Ball:

        Pass variation, footwork, dodging and pivoting drills:

        6) Cats and Caterpillars

        • Divide the team into 2 - players are to stand back to back with approximately 1m gap between each pair
        • One side is called "cats" (they may wear bids to help differentiate themselves) and the other side is called "caterpillars"
        • Coach to call "cats" or "caterpillars" - the called team, is to run to the designated line in front of them, the opposite team is to chase them and try and tag
        • If a player is tagged, they join the opposite side

        Equipment you will need for Cats and Caterpillars:

        7) Squash the Bug

        • Define an area on the court for all players to run around in
        • When the whistle sounds, players are to stop, pivot on the grounded foot to "squash the bug"
        • Once a complete pivot has been done, the whistle sound allows people to start moving again
        • Try different movements e.g. skipping, running, hopping, jumping
        • Add a ball so when players catch the ball they must pivot before passing to another person

        Equipment you will need for Squash the Bug:

        8) Gauntlet

        • Place a row of cones down the middle of the court (from goal to goal)
        • Each third is now spilt into half, making two squares instead of a rectangle
        • A player is to stand in each square - they are known as the defence
        • An "attacker" will start at the base line and try and run through all of the squares - dodging/breaking/pivoting etc to get free and past the defence
        • As a variation to the game, try 2 attackers and a ball - aim is to get to the opposite base line

        Equipment you will need for Gauntlet

        9) Court Landings

        • The team are to stand within a third
        • Players are to jog around
        • When coach blows the whistle, they must land with both feet
        • Blow the whistle again and everyone begins moving again
        • Repeat until everyone is comfortable with landings
        • Repeat and ask everyone to land with 1 foot first

        Equipment you will need for Court Landings:

        10) Zig Zags

        • Place cones out in a zig zag pattern in a goal third
        • Players to line up on the side line and one at a time run toward the nearest cone then change direction and run off to the second cone (by transferring weight and dropping the shoulder)

        Equipment you will need for Zig Zags:

        Netball drills to improve forward movement:

        11) In Threes 

        • Nominate 1 person to be an "attacker" and 1 a "defender" - both stand along the transverse line
        • The third is to be a "passer" and stand in the centre circle
        • The attacker is to break forward for the ball - they are to repeat this 5 times. Rotate people in positions.
        • Once you get to the position you started with, repeat the drill but the attacker is to choose between using full or half roll and drive forward for five more passes. (Be sure to practice roll towards both sides)

        Equipment you will need for In Threes:

        • 4 x Netballs (if there is 12 in your team, otherwise adjust)

        12) Into the space...

        • In a chosen third, there are 2 even teams
        • Team with possession of the ball is to pass to as many team mates as possible using a variety of techniques to find space and pass
        • Number of passes is to be counted
        • When the other team intercepts the ball, they must try to beat the total of the other team

        Equipment you will need for Into the space:

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