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Courtside with 2XU: Compression garments for netball players

Compression garments, and their variety of forms, including compression tights, shorts, pants, socks and calf sleeves, have become a common sight on the netball court. We’ve seen a variety of brands over the years, but since discovering that 2XU has been tested and endorsed by AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) since 2009, we decided it was time to take a closer look.

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Sun Protection for Outdoor Netball

It is important to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays at all times, even when playing in cloudy overcast weather.  Below are some recommendations on what products protect sensitive skin and lips.

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How to Become a Netball Umpire

If you are interested in becoming a netball umpire, whether you are a player or not, here is some information on the pathway you need to undertake to become qualified. The amount of training and mentorship you receive will depend on what level of competition you want to aspire to.

We caught up with Chelsea Maree, an inspiring young netball umpire and player who does it simply because she “loves it.” Chelsea is the youngest badged netball umpire in her association so we asked her for some tips and advice on how to become a netball umpire and what it’s like to be an umpire.

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Netball Nutrition: Eating Advice for Netball Players

As part of the court side interview series, we asked Lisa Guy, who is a naturopath, author, and body and souls expert nutritionist; for her tips and advice for the right netball nutrition; what you should eat before, during and after a netball game.

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Netball Umpire Whistles

Netball umpire

Looking to buy a whistle to umpire netball games?

Firstly, you need to make sure your netball whistle is loud enough without being too loud. All umpires need to be aware of the appropriate sound power (dB levels) that is necessary or alternatively excessive for a netball game, as you do not want to cause hearing damage to yourself or the players. For example, a dB level of 115 or greater can be heard from over a kilometre away therefore you should consider whistles that don’t exceed this when blown at full strength.

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What Should Netball Umpires Wear?

Umpire clothing

It helps for netball umpires to wear a neutral colour so you can avoid looking like or being associated with a team that you are umpiring. White is a popular choice because it doesn’t absorb the heat as much as a dark colour so you don’t get too hot when outside under the sun, plus it helps you to stand out. However, if you are both a player and an umpire then you can use or to help identify yourself.

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New Features for uScore Netball v1.4

uScore Netball v1.4

We’re excited to announce an update to our iPhone application with some great new features to complement the newly refreshed design.

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Choosing the Right Shoe for Netball

Netball shoes

The first question many ask is, why not normal runners? To help answer this, think about the difference in movement for each activity. In netball you run in short, quick bursts, your required to stop suddenly, jump and pivot. In contrast, running shoes are designed for straightforward motion, therefore the support features are located in the heel and toe areas.

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