uScore Netball iPhone app

uScore Netball iPhone App

Score netball games by turning your iPhone or iPod Touch into a netball score sheet

With customisable game settings, uScore Netball is a fun and easy iPhone app to use to score netball games. Players, spectators, friends and family will love keeping track of their team’s score throughout the netball season. The netball app is also suitable for coaches and umpires.

uScore Netball app features

  1. Stylish easy to use design
  2. Fully customizable game settings
  3. Set team names, period length, location and more
  4. Scoreboard buzzer sounds
  5. Animated coin toss to decide which team takes first centre pass
  6. Keep track of each team’s centre passes
  7. Optional extra time feature at the end of game
  8. Email yourself or friends results after game is finished

Frequently asked questions

Thanks for purchasing uScore Netball. Here’s some of the more frequently asked customer questions. If your’s isn’t listed below, feel free to get in touch.

Can I use uScore Netball on an iPad?

Yes, you may. While uScore Netball has been designed and optimised for use on an iPhone, you can use it on an iPad also.

Is there a native uScore Netball iPad app?

At the moment, no. Because it’s smaller and more mobile, we feel that the iPhone is a better device for spectators and umpires to use on and around the netball court.

Is uScore Netball on other mobile devices (e.g. Android, Windows Phone)?

At the moment, no, but this is not to say there won’t be in future if these devices become more popular amongst the netty crowd.

I changed my team names. Why does the scoreboard still show Light and Dark?

The scoreboard only shows Light and Dark much like most netball scoreboards. Long team names won’t fit on the scoreboard but emailing results at the end of a game will include the custom team names you have entered under the Settings tab.

Where can I set the teams' colours?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to change the team colours when using uScore Netball at this stage, but we may include this in future.

Can I set my own period lengths?

Yes, under Settings > Period Length you can set your period lengths to be anywhere between 1 and 60 minutes.

Is there a timer for keeping track of injury time and other stoppages?

Unfortunately not sorry. Currently there is only one timer which keeps track of how much time is left in the game. If a game is stopped temporarily for injuries (or similar) we recommend stopping the timer. However, if you reach the end of the game and require extra time, you will be able to add additional time then.

Download uScore Netball

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